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  • Innovation: going beyond the buzzword

    Innovation is one of the defining buzzwords of 2018. Government agencies know they need to innovate, and they want to innovate. But there exists a problematic, pervasive myth that companies can only innovate in a controlled environment of post-it notes and whiteboards, filled with creative folk who speak in design thinking language, spouting words like agile, disrupt and ideate.

  • Blockchain: great hope or great hype?

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    Nexus recently attended a seminar on blockchain technology, which is a type of digital distribution ledger or database that contains a record of every transaction at every stage of the supply chain. It is decentralised, with no single owner of the data (such as a bank or government agency).

  • Will the APS review bring back the good ol’ days of the public sector?

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    There is a romantic notion of the good ol’ days, when colleagues were exceptional and the people running public sector organisations knew what they were doing. A Chief Executive who has spent many years working in Minister’s Offices recently mentioned that he believes senior public servants compare unfavourably with the ‘giants’ of his early career, noting they are now relatively inexperienced, unworldly and unsophisticated.

  • The structure that strengthens cross-team collaboration

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    Vahid Saberi, Founder and Managing Director of VSA Australia, writes this month’s post. Vahid works closely with Nexus to improve healthcare through strategic planning and development.

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