Group facilitation

“We benefited from his level of experience/capability. He wasn’t just a facilitator, he understood the types of challenges we were facing. His level of experience enabled him to offer types of insights perhaps another facilitator without his experience may not be able to offer.”

Senior Official | Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

Executive team building

Nexus has facilitated team-building workshops for executive teams to develop their cohesion and decision-making capacity.


Clinician forums

Nexus has led a number of forums to discuss service development priorities, with clinicians and consumer in a wide range of clinical areas including lung cancer, brain injury rehabilitation, medical imaging, endocrinology and gastroenterology.

Integrated Primary Care

Designing, facilitating and reporting on a forum in south western Sydney on promoting integrated primary care between GPs and other health services.
Lord Mayor’s Business Forum

Facilitation of a forum, chaired by the Lord Mayor, on identifying transport solutions for the Sydney CBD.