Group Facilitation

“10/10. As always Greg put in a lot of work to be prepared and have all the background for the day and made a real effort to engage everyone in discussion. I really appreciate the way that Greg is able to divine the political issues prior to the day and work to ensure that they don’t hijack the conversation.”

The link between discussion and outcome

We have extensive experience in designing, managing and reporting on consultations that require an independent perspective.

Our services in this area include:


  • facilitation of client focus groups to provide feedback to your organisation
  • facilitation of focus groups with staff to identify management issues and potential solutions
  • facilitation of meetings to resolve conflict and clarify roles and responsibilities.


A skilled external facilitator obliges the participants in a group to focus on the agenda.

Each facilitation process is designed with the client to meet the specific needs of the group and to ensure meetings remain on target.
Review of the design with the client before the meeting ensures that it remains on target. However, a group’s actions during a facilitated meeting cannot always be forecast precisely. So Nexus consultants have the skills to recognise new directions, to quickly determine the highest priority among the new directions and planned goals, and to change the design on the spot or acknowledge the new directions while guiding the group back to the original goals.


See examples of our group facilitation projects.