Management Review

“As a result of the [Nexus] project we are going to completely revamp our training and workforce development program. The result will be a far more strategic approach that better meets the needs of the agency, and the sector, in a significantly more cost effective way.”

Cultivating a dynamic culture

Nexus undertakes independent reviews to analyse and solve organisational problems – and to ensure that changes made will bring about enduring improvement.


When we review an organisation’s management systems, we assess strengths and weaknesses in an objective, confidential manner. This is especially helpful when considering any kind of major change.


We assist executive management in cultivating a self-sustaining, inclusive organisational environment – one that promotes ongoing trust and channels energy toward the achievement of goals.

Our range of services is comprehensive:


  • we review organisation structures and systems
  • we review and re-engineer business processes
  • we provide independent analysis of the strategic and management issues confronting organisations
  • we undertake surveys of the workplace climate, staff and clients
  • we design and implement performance management systems
  • we undertake customer and stakeholder analysis.


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