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  • Innovation: going beyond the buzzword

    Innovation is one of the defining buzzwords of 2018. Government agencies know they need to innovate, and they want to innovate. But there exists a problematic, pervasive myth that companies can only innovate in a controlled environment of post-it notes and whiteboards, filled with creative folk who speak in design thinking language, spouting words like agile, disrupt and ideate.

  • Customer in centre with arrows pointing outwards.

    The 3 principles of client-centric design

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    If you’re not familiar with the term ‘service design’, it’s essentially a set of planning principles and practices that are used to improve interactions between a service and a client.

  • How can we engage the next generation of public servants?

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    I recently had the pleasure of running a workshop for IPAA NSW with a group of bright, energetic young people who had won places in a highly-competitive graduate program in a large NSW Government agency. The workshop provided them with…