“Nexus was excellent, providing products in keeping with the contract, on time and on budget. Ten out of ten overall.”

Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

“The project has met all our requirements in terms of the scope of the brief and we were happy with the final product. Greg understood our context and was able to quickly commence the work that was required. He dealt with our stakeholders in a professional manner and proposed recommendations that were original and constructive.”

NSW government agency about a complex and sensitive review

“Greg’s work is always of the highest quality, both in the preparation that he undertakes and in the reports that he produces. His reports are always precise, comprehensive and relevant.”

NSW Health Department

“[the best part of Nexus’s work was]…their ability to determine the Treasury’s requirements and translate this information to us. They focused us on the issues and got us thinking ‘outside the box’.”

NSW government agency executive on Nexus’ assistance with the development of a ‘results logic’ for the agency

“Greg was patient and understanding of a change in management at NSW Health and different people working on the project and was able to overcome issues around data collection.”

NSW Health Official Visitors Program

“We benefitted from his level of experience/capability. He wasn’t just a facilitator, he understood the types of challenges we were facing. His level of experience enabled him to offer types of insights perhaps another facilitator without his experience may not be able to offer.”

Senior Official-Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

“Greg’s work was timely and thorough … He was quick and managed large and small groups well.

Director of a major NGO about a series of national forums with clinicians and consumers

“10/10 – Greg was excellent as a facilitator. (The best aspects of Greg’s work were) personableness, theoretical understandings, analytical abilities.”

Kevin Gardner

“Greg has the capacity to take a complex project on which he has little knowledge and use his conceptual skills to deliver the required outcomes.”

Senior Executive of a large NSW government agency

“Greg is expert in regards to outcomes hierarchies and is very experienced in facilitating groups working on them. I had nothing but positive feedback from stakeholders about the process.”

Nivek Thompson

“Greg would have to be the best facilitator I have ever had the pleasure to be trained by – some of the material covered had the potential to be quite dry, however, the passion and knowledge he displayed made it difficult to be anything but 100% engaged!”

Participant in Greg’s Public Sector Management program in 2010

“The participants felt that the meeting generated the necessary discussion and helped to highlight the critical issues that the agency needed to tackle. (The best aspects of Greg’s work were) prompt response; quickly understood the issues; adaptive to emerging issues in the workshop.”

Jo Lawrence

“One of the key aspects of the project were the development of the Outcomes Hierarchy and the program toolbox, both of which are being currently used incorporated into program resources/policies.”

NSW Health Aboriginal Sexual Health Program

“10/10 (The best aspects of Greg’s work were his) initiative and timeliness in starting and delivering work (and the) high quality of analysis and synthesis considering the disparate sources of information.
Greg was approachable and knowledgeable. He was willing to listen to staff and Management Committee members and his involvement was viewed positively. He met the agreed timeframes and his final report was well written and realistic in the nature of the recommendations made.

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

“Fair, mindful, considerate and sensitive to the needs of (our organisation).”

General Manager of a community organisation

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