A new year, a new website…and a year in review

Posted on January 29, 2019

The new year is an apposite time to revamp things and we are excited to launch our new website.

As you will note, the website sets out the following services in helping public and community organisations change for the better:

The start of a new year is also a good time to reflect on the previous 12 months. Some of our major projects included:

  • Alcohol harm reduction strategy – We helped the South Western Sydney Local Health District develop its inaugural alcohol harm reduction strategy.
  • Evaluation capability development – We helped the Cancer Institute of NSW strengthen their evaluation capability.
  • Economic development strategy – We helped the City of Sydney develop an evaluation framework to measure the results of its economic development strategy.
  • PSMP – Greg Masters is employed by the Queensland University of Technology to lecture in units of the graduate Public Sector Management Program across Australia.
  • Operational review – We were engaged by the Commissioner to review the operations and systems of the Commission in consultation with staff.
  • Strategic planning – FPNSW is one of many organisations we have helped develop its strategic directions and clarify priorities.
  • Mental health strategy – We facilitated and reported on a series of forums with experts and consumer representatives in the development of the NSW Government’s mentally healthy workplaces strategy, which subsequently received Cabinet endorsement and funding.

Please check out the website (www.nexusmc.com) – we would be delighted to obtain your feedback!

And, of course, contact us if you’d like us to help your organisation change for the better!