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  • Customer in centre with arrows pointing outwards.

    The 3 principles of client-centric design

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    If you’re not familiar with the term ‘service design’, it’s essentially a set of planning principles and practices that are used to improve interactions between a service and a client.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Customer surveys: Are you asking the right questions?

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    I recently had an experience that highlighted a common flaw among organisations that conduct customer satisfaction surveys. According to Optus, I had a great experience, but my feedback didn’t tell the whole story.

  • Hand pressing customer satisfaction button on government program logic.

    Where is the logic for customer satisfaction?

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    If customer satisfaction is appropriate, then it should be incorporated into the program logic. If not, it should be reframed in a way that evaluates whether the program meets the needs of its clients in a way that contributes to longer-term social or community outcomes. Rather than an all or nothing approach to customer service, agencies should consider designing a program logic that focuses on achieving the broader outcomes of the program.

  • Man using program logic in his evaluation.

    A logical approach to program evaluation

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      The NSW Government has recently released an updated version of its program evaluation framework, with the aim of improving government programs and providing more rigorous evidence of their outcomes. It continues to recommend the ‘program logic’ approach to evaluation,…