“Greg quickly grasped the scope and conducted a comprehensive and incisive review. Consultative approach, clear presentation of findings, took appropriate account of feedback.”


Public Sector Management Program: since 2015 Greg Masters has been contracted by the Queensland University of Technology to deliver the Public Sector Management Program, a national program leading to a graduate certificate. Greg has delivered the program in NSW, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania and has facilitated previous versions of the PSMP since 1997.
Inside Government: an interactive workshop delivered for IPAA NSW on how government works and its structures and systems.

Program evaluation: uses real-life case studies and provides participants with an opportunity to apply evaluation techniques to their own programs and services. A number of government agencies have also engaged Nexus to design and deliver training in evaluation and performance monitoring. In these sessions we make use of real-life case studies to ground the training and yield organisational spin-offs.
Program logic: interactive workshops, with real-life case studies, on how to develop program logic, a cause-effect chain that sets out the relationship between program inputs and short, medium and longer-term outcomes.