Redfern Legal Centre in 2019: continuing to pack a punch!

Posted on December 16, 2019

Redfern Legal Centre was established in 1977 and has an extraordinary record in promoting social justice and human rights. I was fortunate enough to join its board in 2019 and have had the privilege of observing its skilled and passionate team continue to make a difference for the truly quiet Australians: the disadvantaged, marginalised and disempowered.

Here are ten things the centre achieved in 2018-19

  1. It assisted 2,474 people in crisis navigate the legal system
  2. It inducted and supervised 279 skilled volunteers across all areas of the Centre’s work and provided a vital training ground for the next generation of solicitors
  3. It expanded the Health Justice Partnership to provide access to legal help for Aboriginal people and other healthcare patients who would otherwise not have access to legal support
  4. The Safe and Sound Campaign shone a light on the harmful impact of the overuse of potentially unlawful strip searches in NSW
  5. The Centre launched My Legal Mate, a mobile app to provide legal advice in seven languages to international students attending universities across NSW
  6. The Employment Law practice provided assistance on systemic issues such as wage theft and unfair terminations
  7. In partnership with three other community legal centres, the Centre launched the Migrant Employment Legal Service to provide a new avenue of support for communities disproportionately impacted by issues such as wage theft, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace
  8. The Tenancy Service supported over 3,000 tenants, especially those in public and community housing
  9. The Credit and Debt Practice provided advice and advocacy in areas such as consumer credit, insurance, debt recovery and consumer complaints and helped achieve a ban on direct unsolicited telephone sales of life insurance and consumer credit insurance
  10. The Centre established a Financial Abuse Legal Service to provide legal assistance to survivors of financial abuse in intimate partner relationships.

2020 promises even greater things and with your continued support the centre can do such work!! Please help by donating to the Redfern Legal Centre.